Public Knowledge 20th anniversary video

Defending the virtual Commons: This nonprofit has been fighting legal policy battles in the public interest for 20 years. This video will introduce you to the founders. Public Knowledge promotes freedom of expression, an open internet, and access to affordable communications tools and creative works.

To kick off our 20th year, join the founders of Public Knowledge to discuss the history of the organization and how it’s grown over time. Panelists will also discuss the role of public interest groups in tech policy, our wins and losses over the last 20 years, and how our work shifted over the years in response to changing policy landscapes. This is part of a year-long series of events in celebration of our 20th anniversary. Panelists: Gigi Sohn, Distinguished Fellow, Georgetown Law Institute for Technology Law & Policy, Benton Senior Fellow & Public Advocate David Bollier, Director, Reinventing the Commons Program, Schumacher Center for a New Economics Laurie Racine, President, Racine Strategy Moderated by Chris Lewis, President & CEO of Public Knowledge.

Here are the resources the panelists wanted to share with you:


News and perspectives on the commons

Tell Congress to Save Net Neutrality

Tell Congress to Protect Our Information

Tell Congress to Protect Internet Freedom

Tell Congress: Give Tribes a Chance for Broadband Access

Tell Congress to Include Broadband in Pandemic Stimulus Bills

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