Michigan Chapter Internet Society, Kickoff Meeting June 30, 2021

#InternetForAll – Learn about how we can expand Broadband access in Michigan to become better, faster and cheaper than current approaches. This is the kick off meeting for the future Michigan Chapter of the Internet Society. Watch the presentation video below or open the slides.

We can achieve #InternetForAll by turning Broadband into a commodity rather than monthly subscriptions. We can reduce the price, provide faster speeds and improve the resiliency. This presentation is from the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the future Michigan Chapter of the Internet Society. To learn more details about how techniques described in this presentation are being applied to expanding Broadband Internet in Nebraska, watch this 57 minute Community Call from Althea that was broadcast on June 25, 2021. The participants are Deborah Simpier, CEO Althea, Justin Kilpatrick CTO Althea and Isfandiyar Shaheen, Founder NetEquity. They are partnering with OPTK Networks, a middle mile provider and with over 10,000 miles of fiber in Nebraska.

Below is the slide presentation without the voice over audio from our first meeting:

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