Government grants per household to connect broadband average between $7K and $8k

What are the pros and cons of less expensive alternatives and who is providing them? What are the opportunities to lower the cost per household? These are questions you could help us answer in 2021.

We have begun to follow the money and we are adding links to our mind map here.

Over in New York my friend Bruce Kushnick has written the following:

Bruce Kushnik

New Networks

On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 3:42 PM Bruce Kushnick <[email protected]> wrote:
(from another list)

There is going to have to be a lot of scrutiny and auditing by the Biden FCC

Scrutiny — this should be like reading the RIOT Act — This shows that in the middle of NYC, spacex is getting paid to deliver services to the Bronx and Manhattan and Queens NY.  And in going through the lists –this is all total garbage because the incumbent phone utilities that are supposed to be serving these areas failed to show up — and more importantly failed to be held accountable

  • — Verizon NY is supposed to have 100% coverage of FiOS for the city– and these areas most likely have a cable provider.
  • — NJ, 100% of Verizon NJ was supposed to be completed — the company got paid to do it and rate increases have been put into effect multiple times.
  • — I included some areas I’m familiar with.

So, from NY and New Jersey, because there has been no accountability of the incumbent utilities, in this case Verizon, to be held accountable, and the FCC never bothered to cross-check these commitments or worse— is just flat out XXXX (fill in the blank and didn’t bother to examine that money is going to the middle of NEW YORK CITY  And does Space x even work at this point? And will it work in the middle of New York City?

and doing simple math, it appears some locations being paid — 7-11K — per location — what?

CountyBidderLocationsAssigned Support
(10 years)
Bronx, NYSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.17$50,371.20$2,963.01
New York, NY (Manhattan)Space Exploration Technologies Corp.121$177,235.70$1,464.76
Queens, NYSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.138$107,595.00$779.67
Albany, NYSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.55$71,257.20$1,295.59
Cattaraugus, NYArmstrong Telephone Company – Northern Division3,580$5,890,048.50$1,645.26
Cattaraugus, NYSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.827$904,337.20$1,093.52
Cattaraugus, NYWindstream Services LLC, Debtor-In-Possession17$195,853.00$11,520.76
Cattaraugus, NY Total 4,424$6,990,238.70$1,580.07
Niagara, NYSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.60$60,993.00$1,016.55
Oneida, NYFrontier Communications Corporation, DIP376$838,010.00$2,228.75
Oneida, NYSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.1,078$1,731,360.80$1,606.09
Oneida, NYWindstream Services LLC, Debtor-In-Possession13$34,506.00$2,654.31
NY Total 46,647$99,891,715.70$2,141.44
Cumberland, NJSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.701$1,260,019.20$1,797.46
Hunterdon, NJSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.304$387,670.00$1,275.23
Middlesex, NJSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.1,048$584,424.00$557.66
Monmouth, NJSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.292$328,063.50$1,123.51
Somerset, NJSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.223$178,444.00$800.20
Sussex, NJSpace Exploration Technologies Corp.38$301,882.60$7,944.28
new jersey total 8,686$10,739,474.00$1,236.41

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