In the graphic below you can see many different cloud services that we are using to establish and grow our membership network. Below the graphic is our Internship Program application form. Tell us about your previous experience working with any of these services and your interest in learning to do a lot more.

We are integrating advanced technologies

Internship Application

Intern in our Projects

We are building courseware to turn Internet consumers into prosumers, who create their own infrastructure owned by the members of local coops.

Our is a for connecting teachers and learners. Unlike platforms such as Uber or AirBnB, the Broadband Institute is distinguished by its ownership model. Instead of a few people at the top of a hierarchy reaping profits at the expense of under- or uncompensated participants, we are building a cooperative where members can be teachers or learners and member owners.

Our #LearnToEarn program will prepare people for jobs across the spectrum of network engineers,  network operators, software developers,  designers and customer support.

Internship opportunities offer the ability to apply skills across a multitude of areas including Systems Innovation, UX, design, media curation for courseware and establishing relationships with public libraries.