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Become a member of our peer to peer support network and share toolkits for building a Broadband infrastructure owned by your community.

Next Steps to better, faster, cheaper!

By working together, we can help people throughout Michigan to network and form Community Learning Hubs. Then we can collaborate so each Community owns their infrastructure.

  • Learn: We are sharing knowledge that spans topics from engineering to the business side of organizing member/subscribers for your Broadband Internet network.
  • Build: Start with a few simple pieces of equipment, but learn how to build a mesh network that will scale.
  • Own: Whether you ultimately form a nonprofit or for-profit, use financial tools from Open Collective to create a community member owned Broadband infrastructure in your town.

Toolkits for building cooperative businesses

Watch an introduction to financial tools that jumpstart your cooperative business.

Help us form a Michigan Chapter of the Internet Society

Here are the chapter formation instructions.