Build your own infrastructure

There are a number of existing approaches that we can learn from. This video uses Google earth to show a network that was created in a rural area. The same tools can also be used in an urban area with some adjustments. We can do similar things in Michigan. From crimping an ethernet cable connection to tuning an antenna on a rooftop, let’s learn together.

Last mile telecom infrastructure is siloed behind restrictive contracts and agreements that preclude an open bandwidth market. However, at deeper layers of the internet bandwidth between carriers is sold as metered commodity. Althea brings the open marketplace from the data center down to the last mile of internet access. Althea D-LTE (distributed LTE) will allow seamless carrier roaming, without cumbersome roaming agreements down to the device in your pocket. This open telecom marketplace allows for both new entrants and existing carriers to interoperate and earn revenue. Althea’s multi-stakeholder model solves the friction of accessing revenue from rural, low income, emerging markets, and the complexity of capex and coordination of infrastructure build outs including 5G and fiber. The Althea blockchain is secured by a distributed network of token holders and validators that process transactions. Centralized payment solutions require permissioned coordination, and are often restricted by bespoke regulation or restrictions. Similar to how the internet has allowed for global, open e-commerce, industry and trade a borderless, robust and resilient payment layer for telecom will open new markets and increase revenue for a diverse group of participants. Althea’s telecom blockchain further opens defi functionality to telecom carriers with the ethereum to cosmos bridge, where they can seamlessly leverage the liquidity of their networks for additional investment strategies. Because Althea is built using the cosmos sdk and with Gravity functionality, carriers can also interoperate easily with other Cosmos blockchains using IBC (inter blockchain communication). Interoperable blockchain built for interoperable telecommunications.

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Let’s turn consumers into prosumers.


Get connected for a $200 installation and a voluntary monthly donation.

Althea (OR, WA)

Build and maintain Community owned decentralized networks.


Equitable Internet Initiative is building their own wireless networks

Red Hook, Brooklyn WiFi

During Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Red Hook free WiFi became a lifeline for the community

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